Hand Sanitizer Products

Anatizer - Hand Sanitizer Products

Anatizer hand sanitizing products are proudly MADE IN CANADA!

The full range of products includes everything from portable 234 mL squeeze bottles for keeping in your car, desk or purse, through to 4L institutional-use pump bottles for high traffic areas.

Key Features

  • Anatizer is FDA and Health Canada approved
  • Private labelling available
  • Industrial and Food Grade formulations available
  • Kills 99.9% of germs
  • 70% alcohol by volume
  • All formulas follow the W.H.O guidelines for hand sanitizer production
Ionizer – Air Purification Technology

Ionizer – Air Purification Technology


  • Generates naturally occurring oxygen ions that purify the air
  • Kill airborne pollutants, such as viruses, bacteria, fungus, and mold spores
  • Neutralizes odors
  • Reduces the allergic effects of allergy sufferers
  • Discharges static electricity and prevents electrostatic build-up
  • Self-cleaning emitters (patented) - maintenance free
  • Communication Port - can be integrated into existing building management systems

SIT Temperature Measurement System

SIT devices are stationary infrared thermometers designed to measure human body temperature and to check if a subject is wearing a face covering. These unique new systems provide accurate measurements, a comfortable user experience and DO NOT require an operator. This substantially reduces the potential for spread of infectious disease.

Key Features

  • Checks temperature and provides auditory and visual feedback
  • Bilingual feedback (French and English)
  • Large display for the visually impaired
  • Two sensor capability for handicap accessibility and improved screening of wheelchair bound persons
  • Stationary pedestal or wall mounted; not hand held
  • Non contact
  • Measure time: 0.5s - 1.0s Fast
Lipsus – Lip Hydration Medical Device

Lipsus - Automatic Lip Moistening System

  • Replaces manual sponge stick application​
  • Non-contact automatic moistening of lips, post operation and in long term care settings​
  • 1 unit per patient, per 24 hours​
  • Cost of materials per 24 hours is approx. the same as current manual applicators​
  • Substantial mitigation of risk of spread/cross-contamination between care units​
  • HCW stress level reduction, risk-of-infection mitigation​
  • HCW labour-dollars optimization​
Osentia osteoporosis test

Osentia – osteoporosis test

Everyone has some risk of developing osteoporosis, which is often undiagnosed until the time you fracture a bone. It is therefore important to identify the risk of osteoporosis early enough to take steps to help prevent and minimise the development of the condition and reduce the risk of fracture.

The Osentia at-home screening test only requires a fingernail or toenail clipping measuring 2mm or more in depth and 5mm in width to be sent for laboratory analysis. You will also need to complete a test order form which includes questions about your health and lifestyle. The test will accurately provide your personal risk of a fragility fracture, which is an early indicator of your risk of developing osteoporosis. The results will be returned to you via email or post within seven days.

For a safe and accurate result, Osentia uses the Raman Spectroscopy technology to analyse your nail clipping and based on the personal information provided on your test order form, we have calculated your risk of suffering from a fragility fracture.

Remote Pregnancy Monitoring

PulseNmore – Remote Ultrasound

PulseNmore is the emerging leader in connected at-home ultrasound, delivering convenience and efficiency beyond traditional in-facility imaging. Our unique handheld ultrasound scanner docks with the patient’s smartphone to deliver high quality images that can be created anywhere, stored and forwarded for clinical review or shared in an online consultation.


  • Next Generation Ultrasound
  • For at-home/remote, real-time monitoring of fetal vital signs
  • Cell Phone Adapter form factor
  • Comparable to Doptone systems